Flow (n.)

A state in which people are so involved in an activity that nothing else seems to matter.
Our mission is simple.

We strive to help you maximize the capacity of your resources (financial and personal) to support the lifestyle, people and causes that you enjoy.

Your resources aren’t just financial…

…though, that is the area where we can do the most heavy-lifting for you.

We will also challenge you to consider how “softer” resources, like time, health, mental well-being and burnout fit into your financial decision-making picture.

Like most areas of life, finances don’t move only forwards and upwards. Throughout our lives, we’re presented with choices that make us prioritize some needs or values over others.

Do you want the job with longer hours that pays more? Or are you ready to cut back, give up some income and reclaim some time for other non-lucrative passions?

Do you want to sell the business at a slightly lower price knowing the exit experience will be smooth? Or do you want (or need) the top dollar price no matter how the exit experience seems?

Often times, we feel obliged to take the money because we don’t know what we really need to be OK. When questions like this arise in your life, we help you understand the short and long-term trade-offs of each available option so you can make great decisions.

Our financial planning process continually helps you understand where you are now, which action steps will help you get where you want to go and how to manage the risks that may steer you awry along the way. 
Together, we’ll find your financial “flow” so you can live in what really matters today and tomorrow.


Our commitment is clear.
We are fee-only fiduciaries, for life.

No one compensates us but you, which means we’re only successful if you’re happy.

American Psychological Association polls regularly indicate that money is a top stressor for Americans.  

Interestingly, financial advice is one of the last things people are willing to pay for. This is at least partially because the financial services industry is one of the least trusted industries (and often THE least trusted industry) in America. 

Rightfully so. The incentives in most of the industry are broken. Advice is often skewed by commissions and hidden fees from third-parties that favor the institution providing the advice over the one paying for that guidance.

To eliminate any confusion, Flow is structured as a Fee-Only firm that operates under the Fiduciary Standard 

This means two things for clients of Flow: 

  1. The only party that ever pays us is you, the client. We do not accept commissions for any products or services that we recommend.
  2. We are, at all times, obliged to act in your best interest under the law, even (and especially) when a decision is not in our best interest. 
Our approach is based on reality.
Planning is an ongoing practice, not a one-time affair.

Life would be a lot simpler if a one-time plan could give us a singular bulletproof path to absolute financial freedom.

As the world continually reminds us, it is not in the business of supporting our elaborate, predictive plans (looking at you, COVID-19).

Geopolitics, market events, lifestyle changes, new opportunities, unexpected challenges, and personal evolution can impact life today, where we want to go, and how best to get there.

We’ve learned that helping people live great lives is about helping them stay on course while being prepared to manage the unknowns. Our process is built to do just that. 

We have an annual service calendar which ensures we take a deeper look at every core planning area on a timely basis. For both new clients and ongoing clients, we do annual “big picture” updates to see how all the parts of the plan fit together. These regular reviews help us stay proactive in making any necessary adjustments to the picture as factors of your life (and the world) change. 

We share more about our financial planning, investment management and transition planning processes in the sections that follow.  

We’re happy to answer any questions you have as we get to know you during an initial consultation call, which you can book below.


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Did you know we have a blog?

Check out Flow Financial's Money Roadmap for actionable insights on your path to financial independence!

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Did you know we have a blog?

Check out Flow Financial's Money Roadmap for actionable insights on your path to financial independence!

Take Me There