Prosper Through Life’s Evolving Landscape

We help business owners and executives
with equity compensation

create financial clarity and build lasting wealth.

Our Typical Clients

  • Business-owner families preparing to scale and build for a future sale.
  • Executives with complex equity compensation (RSUs, ISOs, NQSOs).
  • High income families approaching life transitions.

Our Services

Financial Planning

Financial Planning is the ongoing process of exploring:

  • Where you are today?
  • What is your life vision?
  • What matters most along the way?

We then help you structure the components of your financial life to maximize your capacity to realize or maintain that vision. 

Together, we’ll continually revisit the vision you have for your life to ensure that our work evolves as you do.

Investment Management

Investments are a powerful tool in your long-term financial plan. A sustainable and effective investment strategy balances several factors:

  • Short-term needs
  • Long-term goals
  • Personal philosophies about money
  • An evidence-based approach to investing

We’ll help you find the balance that fits your unique financial picture. From there, we’ll handle the heavy lifting, provide ongoing education, and help you keep emotions out of the decision-making process.

Transition Planning

In life, change is constant. We can plan for some types of transition, such as retirement, selling a business, or sending our children to college. Other times, we need to pivot because of an unexpected change in employment or even the loss of a loved one. 

Whether planned or not, change can be emotional. Knowing your current financial context and how various decision levers impact the long-term picture can give you the clarity to make sound decisions and move forward confidently.

We include transition planning as a regular part of our ongoing financial planning process.


Joey Loss, CFP®

Joey Loss, CFP®

Founder & Financial Planner

Joey is the founder of Flow Financial. He has been a student of financial planning since 2011. His greatest passion lies in helping people understand and optimize their financial lives – maximizing their capacity to realize their life vision.

Outside of his direct work with Flow Financial clients, Joey likes to share what he’s learned with fellow advisors through consulting services for other financial advisory firms, writing for publications like Financial Planning magazine, and public speaking on various topics at local and national conferences. He is most passionate about  creating effective and meaningful financial planning processes and training the next generation of comprehensive financial advisors.

Joey’s approach to planning and investing focuses on maximizing client life satisfaction by balancing the quantitative elements of financial planning with the qualitative considerations of each client’s unique life.

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Did you know we have a blog?

Check out Flow Financial's Money Roadmap for actionable insights on your path to financial independence!

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Did you know we have a blog?

Check out Flow Financial's Money Roadmap for actionable insights on your path to financial independence!

Take Me There