You’ve worked hard to save money. Your savings should work for you without keeping you awake at night.

Let us handle the ongoing oversight of an investment portfolio reflective of your unique needs and vision for life.   

Investment Management

Here are a few questions our ongoing investment management process helps you navigate: 

  • Which investments should I own? 
  • Will my investments support my goals? 
  • Is my portfolio tax efficient? 
  • How do my investments fit into my overall financial picture? 
  • Investment headlines look bleak. Do we need to change course? 
  • What should I do with my employee stock / stock options? 
  • How often does my investment picture need adjusting? 

The answers to these questions are unique to each person and depend on many factors.

In order to guide you in a way that builds financial flexibility and resilience while supporting financial peace of mind, we focus first on understanding what role the investments are meant to play in your financial life. We do this initially through our onboarding process (link) and stay aligned with you on this through our ongoing financial planning process (link).  

Those processes help us understand the following:
  • Your financial landscape (where you are now) 
  • Your goals and purpose (where you want to go) 
  • Your values and interests (what matters to you along the way)
Once we understand your thoughts on the above, we'll dig deeper into the investment landscape and discuss:
  • Your thoughts and feelings about money and financial risk 
  • Our Strategic Asset Allocation (link to details lower on page) based investment philosophy 
  • Unique factors for your situation (for example: stock options, your current investment holdings, the tax impact of adjusting the portfolio, account types available to you, cash flow needs in the near to intermediate future) 

These discussions will inform how we blend all we’ve learned about you with our investment philosophy to support your shorter-term financial needs and longer-term financial goals. 

Strategic Asset Allocation

Flow Financial believes that markets are efficient. This means that we believe markets (i.e. stock prices) reflect all publicly available information almost instantaneously. We do not believe that stock-picking or owning actively-managed funds is a more profitable approach to long-term investing, especially after the added tax and transaction costs of frequent-trading behaviors. 

Our investment approach supports building and maintaining investment portfolios of both stocks and bonds that mirror the world around us, with exposure to companies at home and abroad, big and small, and in countries both developed and developing.  

Our ideal is a globally diversified portfolio with exposure to thousands of securities, built with consideration for your unique financial goals, time horizon, cash flow needs, tax profile and psychological capacity for risk.  

Ongoing Services

Our investment work is not done after this initial process. As a part of the overall financial planning services, we continue to do the following on an ongoing basis: 

  • Global Rebalancing 
  • Tax-Loss Harvesting 
  • Tax-Efficient Asset Location
  • Distribution Planning and Implementation 
  • Stock Option/Employee Stock Planning 
  • Charitable Stock Gift Planning 
  • Periodic and On-Demand Investment Education

How Investments Fit Into the Bigger Picture 

Many believe that investment management is the most important and impactful piece of a long-term financial game plan. There is no question that it can be a wonderful tool for growth over the long-term. 

We hope to show you throughout the financial planning process that investment management is a great tool and only one piece of a much larger mosaic.  

Initial Consultation

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Did you know we have a blog?

Check out Flow Financial's Money Roadmap for actionable insights on your path to financial independence!

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Did you know we have a blog?

Check out Flow Financial's Money Roadmap for actionable insights on your path to financial independence!

Take Me There