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Episode 000

Trailer: A Journey Behind the Veil of Money In Our Lives


“Financial success and a meaningful relationship with money are not as simple as always doing the financially optimal thing at the financially opportune time.”

Unlock the pathways to a richer life, where wealth goes far beyond numbers and nest eggs. Our host, Certified Financial Planner Joey Loss takes us on an enlightening exploration of money’s multifaceted role in our daily existence.

Wealth Unplugged dives so much deeper than financial “how-to’s” or tricks and tips. Joey delivers transformational stories and insights that resonate at the core of who we are. Let’s redefine what wealth means, appreciating it as an essential tool that, when wielded with wisdom, shapes our lives, relationships, and legacies.

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Hi, this is Joey Loss and welcome to Wealth Unplugged a journey behind the veil of money in our lives. In my time as a financial advisor, I’ve had the chance to help clients laying their very first bricks of wealth, as well as business owners and venture capitalists worth well over $30 million. While the surface level financial discussions and concerns vary from one situation to another, the emotions surrounding money decision making itself do not across 1000s of hours of client discussions have come to realize a specific point. Financial success and a meaningful relationship with money are not as simple as always doing the financially optimal thing as a financially opportune time. In fact, many of us that get somewhere we want to go do so because we prioritize something else meaningful at some point along the way. We don’t think only about money when we make financial decisions. We think about so much more than that. We’re balancing marriage, business emotions, family, jobs, time, parenting, health, lifestyle, legacy, the unexpected and so much more. These intersections point to monies role as a tool, which when used ideally for our needs and goals can get us somewhere better. On the podcast, we’ll invite expert guests and people with interesting money stories to talk about these intersections. These unbridled discussions give us a place to elevate our understanding of money in our own lives. The internet is full of how tos on everything from portfolio construction to retirement contribution limits to estate tax mitigation strategies. Inevitably we’ll delve into those topics at length in certain episodes, but our focus will remain on everything you can’t get from a how to guide an understanding of the many ways a successful wealth journey can string itself together. Our first episodes will launch soon, including a debut episode with Edie combs, a renowned Marriage and Family Therapist turned financial planner and author. I hope you’ll subscribe now to join us.